Sawmill Deaths Demand Answers, Sign the Petition

Our province was shocked by the images of two sawmill explosions. On TV and in print we all saw the flames of the inferno. Four workers were killed, 44 others were seriously injured. 
Wednesday we launched a petition to call for a Public Inquiry, please sign:
This was a preventable tragedy. The workers complained about the accumulation of explosive wood dust, however, to date no one has been charged with criminal negligence for the killings. Families and survivors want answers. The questions remain: What caused the explosion? Why did the policies and practises that were put in place to protect workers fail to do so? Why were the investigations so badly botched?
Christy Clark decided against calling a Public Inquiry, preferring instead a Coroner’s Inquest. The Coroner’s Inquest is a disaster. The former head of WorkSafeBC declined to testify and answer questions. WorkSafeBC also turned down access to a private investigation by one of the mills’ owners and then did not tell an ongoing inquest about the existence of this extensive hidden evidence. The Coroner’s Inquest promptly adjourned indefinitely because as explained by the lead government lawyer it will take weeks to review the new evidence and arrange for the new witnesses to testify.
It is clear to me, the families and surviving workers that the only way for us to get answers and to hold people accountable is through a public inquiry.
We launched a petition campaign because the public deserves the full facts of the case. Workers and their families deserve answers, not a cover-up.
So please click here to sign the petition:
Click here

Thank you very much for taking action on this most important issue. With your help, I know that we will get a Public Inquiry and help the workers and families get the answers that they deserve.
Steve Hunt 
Director, District 3 USW