Attacks on Canadian soldiers should open our eyes, not blind us!

The events of the past few weeks, first in Montreal then later Ottawa were doubtlessly tragic and should never have been allowed to happen!  They should be a wake up call for Canadians.  We need to realize that we are not living behind some kind of protective shield on Canadian soil and that we are a part of the events happening in the middle east.

These events are being called acts of terrorism, but if they truly are linked to the organizations like ISIL/ISIS, I think we need to look at them as acts of war.  We have been at war with a number of extremist groups who are dispersed throughout the populations of a number of countries around the world for many years now. From 9/11 to Afghanistan to Saddam’s Iraq to the current conflict in the middle east and more. We should count ourselves lucky that until now most of the attacks have be carried out on foreign soil, but we need to remember that all sides in these conflicts have already lost many soldiers in these wars and that each life lost is equally tragic.

The last thing that we need now is a reaction out of blind fear or hatred though! We can not lash out without carefully examining the reasons behind these attacks and who is truly involved. We can not rashly take away the rights of fellow Canadian citizens, through knee jerk legislation, retaliatory attacks or overreaching security measures.  And most of all, we must not give up our values of peace, freedom and inclusiveness for all! If we do this, then we have already lost.

This has doubtlessly been a sad tragic week let`s not make it any worse with our response!

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