After what we are seeing in Hong Kong did anyone even notice that we went into war in Iraq?

  • It turned just more politics, with the office of the prime minister trying to change the subject, but when the leader of the opposition tried to asked a simple question, “when did we send troops to Iraq?” he got shot down and the PM’s office just changed the subject. Don’t we pay these guys to make life and death decisions for us?  In the end the leaderof the oposition got muzzled, just for asking what was going on?

Sounds like the same sort of thing as Hong Kong to me though? The party in power refuses to believe that there could be any other way and squashes or distracts the public from any question of their authority.

By the way this is old news now.

Click on the lick below to see what I’m talking about:

Canadian parliamentary question period

Question period Canadian parliment.