Teachers vote to hold strong on classroom conditions and to get BC students back into the classrooms

What this means is that the teachers in our province voted to accept the agreement reached by the bargaining group and that students here in SD 20 will be back in school on Monday.

In signing this agreement, they have prevented the government from gutting their contract and have ensured that students continue to get the support they need, in terms of specialist teachers and reasonable class sizes.

In order to get our students the conditions they need, teachers have accepted less than a cost of living adjustment (salary increases of about 1%/yr) and little real gains in any other benefits.  So don’t believe for a second that this dispute was about, “greedy teachers”!  It was all about control over classroom conditions, with teachers fighting to prevent lossing kids in the crowd and protecting our kids’ right to a fair chance at learning. And the government fighting to keep a false budget.

I’m sure everyone is glad that this round is finally over.  Let’s all say thank you to our teachers for holding their ground on this one, and for looking out for the good of all of our students!

For the official press release, click the following link: http://bctf.ca/NewsReleases.aspx

Also check out what the teachers voted for at: Summary of contract from CBC website