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August 25, 2014. 2:56 pm • Section: Opinion

In the waning days of summer, thoughts naturally wander to brisk walks on crisp but still warm September mornings, joyfully greeting smiling teachers and reminiscences with friends of long and languid summer days past. At least, that’s how any rational individual would expect the children of B.C.’s beleaguered public education system to begin their school year.

Thanks, though, to a wholly avaricious provincial government, absent of any real leadership or moral compass, your children, instead, might still remain at home for some time.

One expects that we’ll find out in short order.

You see, the B.C. Liberal plan, as manifest by their appalling track record on public education stewardship over the last dozen years, has been to starve the public school system of its only front-line advocates — the BCTF, the exhausted and long-suffering teachers of this province. Not that the union bosses, through an almost universal inability to appear practical in their demands, have made it easy on themselves, but the specific government blueprint has clearly been to enact legislation that will land the employer and the union in court in as protracted a litigation as possible. Essentially, the Liberals plan to bankrupt the teachers’ union.

The union has only its limited coffers from which to draw in defending against this government’s war on education, while the government has essentially an unlimited pool of money — yours.

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