Finally the True Culprits, Transport Canada and MMA, Are Identified


MONTREAL – The Transportation Safety Board sees things clearly! The report that was released today confirms what the Syndicat des Métallos (United Steelworkers) has been saying all along: that the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway (MMA) was taking safety risks and Transport Canada failed in its duty to provide supervision and monitoring.

It is time to stop treating the workers as scapegoats. The TSB’s message is crystal clear: the MMA “cut corners” with respect to safety, and Transport Canada did not carry out inspections “often enough and thoroughly enough,” and lacked the means to ensure that the Safety Management System set out on paper was actually effective.

“With the deregulation of the railway sector, Ottawa asked the companies to produce Safety Management Systems, a form of self-regulation. This report tells us that these systems did not receive appropriate monitoring. In short, the federal authority gave the wolf the keys to the henhouse and turned its back,” says Richard Boudreault, United Steelworkers Regional Coordinator.

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Finally the True Culprits, Transport Canada and MMA, Are Identified