USW District 3 Union Assistance Plan

The Union Assistance plan is normally offered to unionized employees when they first sign on with the Company.  Despite our best efforts, some employees do get missed, so we are issuing this notice to give you the opportunity to enroll.
The primary purpose of the Union Assistance plan is to provide $2000 immediately to the beneficiaries of deceased members to meet their financial obligations.  There can be a lapse in the time when life insurance, or even the member’s paycheck is received by the family.  The plan seeks to ensure there is no additional financial burden experienced by the family during this period.  There are approximately 15,000 participating members in forty-five locals throughout District 3.
The cost of the plan is $0.35 per pay period automatically deducted from your paycheck.  To sign up for the plan one must fill out a beneficiary card for the Union and a deduction card for the Company. 
Please contact Roxanne Piette for cards and/or additional information.