The Tyee – Signs Harper Is Gearing Up to Declare War on Unions

The Tyee – Signs Harper Is Gearing Up to Declare War on Unions.

Tory tweets, convention chatter and looming legislation hint at what may be coming, say labour advocates.

By Tom Sandborn, Yesterday,

“Just wrapped up a meeting with several staff members, at midnight. Good thing they’re not unionized!”

Although quickly deleted, the sentiment of Federal Conservative Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s tweet on Nov. 19 hit a deep nerve for some trade unionists across the country — particularly those already worried about what the federal Conservatives have in mind for labour legislation in Canada.

A set of non-binding resolutions was adopted earlier this month at the federal Conservative party convention in Calgary. The resolutions include a call on government to reduce wage and benefit levels for civil servants. The resolutions also call for stripping unions of the right to use member dues to support social policy campaigns and other expenditures not part of a set of narrowly-defined workplace issues.

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