“Lies, Outrageous Lies and Statistics”

The Toronto Star reported last week on the state of the average Canadian’s real earnings and how the Conservative Government has tried to hide these numbers from the Canadian public and cast itself as the one party that can manage the economy.  Yet even the Conservatives skewed statistics can’t hide the fact that: in real terms, like dept to income ratio, the growing gap between top and average incomes and hours and years spent at work just to pay for our homes and retirement; the average Canadian is coming out as the clear loser while, large companies and top wage earners are laughing.

Canadian and foreign corporations are clearly making huge profits as a result of tax cuts and favourable legislation,provided by this government, but they are not reinvesting these profits into the Canadian economy as promised and they are surely not sharing their wealth with their workers!

People will vote for change as they increasingly feel the pressure to keep up with mounting bills and a cost of living that is quickly outpacing income levels. In the future the party that can show the Canadian middle class and working poor real improvements, not just hide the truth from us, will be the one that will find the support of voters.