Successful End to Toronto Plaza Hotel Strike


TORONTO, 1 Sept 2013 – Members of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9466 have ratified a new 2 year agreement at the Toronto Plaza Hotel thus ending a bitter 13 week strike.

The new agreement was approved by a margin of 80% and removes all the draconian concessions demanded by hotel management and even provides a wage increase. Also removed from the final settlement was management’s insistence on new language that would have gutted basic protections and rights of union workers.

“Our members stood strong and their spirits were uplifted by the support they received from the labour movement, Toronto area steelworkers and the public throughout the GTA and across Canada,” said Mohamed Baksh USW Staff Representative.

During the strike the public sent over 3,000 letters calling for the hotel management to accept a fair agreement. Throughout the three months the striking members remained strong and were supported by numerous spirited worker-supported rallies.

“This victory is an important message for other employers. It is a reminder that Steelworkers will defend their members on the picket line, at city halls, at trade shows and even in the owners’ neighbourhood when needed. Today’s labour disputes involve a lot more than just maintaining a picket line,” said Marty Warren, USW District Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

“The new agreement includes a desire by both parties to focus on a better future and an improved working environment for everyone. The challenge now is to rebuild respect between union and management and to work together to improve the hotel’s operations and reputation,” said USW Assistant to the District Director Tony DePaulo.


Marty Waren, USW District 6 Director, 519-504-9099

Tony DePaulo, Assistant to the District 6 Director, 905-869-0760

Bob Gallagher, USW Communications, 415-434-2221,