BC Legal Advisor Calls Canada-China FiPA “Unconstitutional” – Canadian public doesn’t even notice!

BC Legal Advisor Calls Canada-China FiPA “Unconstitutional” –  Canadian public doesn’t even notice!

Ron McKenzie – November 2, 2012

The actions of the Federal Government are often hard to understand for average folks like me, but what is going on here really smells rotten!  The Canada- China FIPA agreement seems to be selling out just about every single group of Canadians across the board from: Canadian workers, to taxpayers, even the Canadian owned corporations that fill the conservative parties bank accounts seem to get screwed by this?!

It makes no sense to give companies the right to sue federal, provincial and municipal governments for things like: enacting human rights or environmental protections just because it interferes with the ability to pillage our national resources! Where are Canadian taxpayers and companies on all of this? Are they waiting around like the Nexen people looking for their big payoff to sell out?  Not going to happen for the majority of us I’m sorry!

This agreement even disregards the constitution of our country! (West Coast Environmental Law Letter ) and still no-one seems to care that the conservatives are determined to push this into law?  Who can’t see that: When a lawyer tells you what you are doing appears legally wrong and that it will likely offend one of the fastest growing and agriest groups in Canada, even a politician should be smart enough to listen!  (article: Is Canada-China Investment Treaty (FIPA) an attack on Aboriginal Rights?)

I recommend that all of us remember all of this carefully, because after this obscene bit of backhanded politics makes it into our country, under the radar;  I will bet, that we will have to look back and explain to our kids: why they can’t get a job that they can live off of, why their country has been strip mined of all it’s natural resources, why they can’t pass laws to protect their own water and air from toxic pollution, and why we didn’t do anything to stop it!!

Better brush up on your Mandarin!