Email – Fast, Ed – (Con. Minister intl. Trade) demand debate and Changes to Canada-China Free trade Agreement before it’s too late!!

Copy of email from, official opposition Critic for International Trade; Don Davies, MP


Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns over the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). I agree that this agreement raises serious concerns and deserves a thorough public debate.

The Canada-China FIPA provides an excellent example of why the NDP has long fought for a better, more open trade policy.  This FIPA lacks the level of transparency and openness that Canadians deserve. And, once again, the Harper government has signed an agreement against the best interests of Canadians.

Among other things, this agreement exposes taxpayers to costly legal challenges via unaccountable tribunals that do not reflect acceptable standards of the rule of law. The dispute tribunals may conduct hearings in private at the mere request of one party. The pact does not guarantee Canadian investors full reciprocity with the rights that Chinese investors have secured and has a clause binding Canada for a period of 31 years. These are just some of the many concerns raised by this agreement.

While pursuing mutually beneficial economic relations with China is a positive goal for Canada, we must ensure that any investment or trade agreement we sign meets the standards Canadians want and deserve.

Alarmingly, the Conservatives have refused to send this agreement to Committee, where it could be studied in detail and where we could invite the input of stakeholders of all types.

As Official Opposition NDP International Trade Critic, I have taken the lead in challenging the Conservative government on this FIPA deal. I raised this issue in Question Period. (The following video features him asking the Minister of International Trade why his government has failed Canadians:

I have called on the government to have a public debate on this issue. As Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee, I have moved motions at the Standing Committee on International Trade calling for the FIPA to be studied and opened to public input.

We are asking for your help in making this happen. Please write the Conservative members of the International Trade committee and ask them to join the call for postponing ratification and support the motion to study the treaty.

My latest motion will be debated on Thursday, October 25. To read his motion in full and to see other actions the NDP has taken on the FIPA issue, click here: Don Davies


Write to the Conservative MP’s who are members of The Standing Committee on International Trade and urge them to support the motion:

Rob Merrifield:
Ron Cannan:
Russ Hiebert:
Ed Holder:
Gerald Keddy:
Bev Shipley:
Devinder Shory:

Also, write to Hon. Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade to demand that he postpone the implementation of the Agreement until there has been a proper study and input from Canadians.

Hon. Ed Fast:

New Democrats remain strong in our commitment to fight for fair trade deals. We will continue to speak out against any trade deal that is imbalanced, negotiated in secret, or contains inadequate conditions relating to labour standards, human rights and the environment.  We know that Canada can have an open, expansive trade policy that increases exports, builds good, value-added jobs for Canadians and raises living standards for the citizens of each trading nation.

Again, I appreciate hearing from you.

Best regards,

Don Davies, MP

Don Davies, MP

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