Why Do I Keep Bringing Up Chinese Coal Miners?

Why Do I Keep Bringing Up Chinese Coal Miners?

Oct 22, 2012 – Ron McKenzie

I was asked two questions

A: Why do I keep putting up articles about coal mines?

– and –

B: Why do I seem to be picking on Chinese workers,who are  just trying to make a living?

The short answers are 

A: Because, I don’t think enough people are paying attention to what is going on here. The trade agreements being discussed now until, Nov 1st and the ones already in place will affect us all!  We need to make a lot noise about this! (Email MPs)

– and –

B: I’m not!  I wish them well and I hope that if they are needed as they are said to be, that they could instead be welcomed into our country as citizens with equal rights.  Rather than how these fellow workers appear to be welcomed now, not far from slave labour!

The long answers are

A: I hope you have all picked up on the fact that OUR governments, both Provincial and Federal, have been making some pretty shady and actually frightening deals of late!  With what appears to be very little regard for democratic process or any sort of transparency.

Both levels of government have made promises to the Peoples Republic of China and more importantly to Chinese businesses; that effectively give up our rights to control Canadian natural resources, human rights within our country, business law, Safety and our children’s tax money and jobs.

Why aren’t we having protests on the legislature and the parliamentary lawns?  If we don’t stand up and say something then who will?  It looks like what is going on right now, has the potential to have a farther reaching effect than even NAFTA, and we all know how well the average person has done as a result of that!

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B:  You don’t have to go far to find out why I’m concerned about how a Chinese company might treat it’s coal miners on our soil.  Just try a Google search for: “Chinese Coal Mine Safety” or “China Human Rights”.

As a worker in the mining industry, it scares the life out of me to think that my future as a citizen and of working in this province may include those types of conditions.  As a human being, it embarrasses me to think about doing business with anyone who is willing to crush dissent so brutally, and endanger human life so blatantly!

Also, I know some of my own history and I’d rather not go back to the days of importing, cheap, temporary labour, just to get away with putting people into work environments that no Canadian would tolerate. We just apologised for how we abused Chinese Labourers to build our national railroad, why would we do it again with our mines? (History,  repeat of History)

Just because a person is desperate to feed their family or to leave a country that punishes them for having any free thoughts, it doesn’t give us the right to take advantage and maybe even kill them for our own gain!

Please educate yourself on this issue and speak out anyway you can!

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