Bill 22 and The Abuse of Our Children’s Education!

My wife is a teacher so I’ve been following this pretty closely.  In my opinion, George Abbot’s Bill 22 is ridiculous, a bit scary and a new low for BC Government policy! It effects every public sector union and could potentially be a model for things to come for all unions in the province.  It is being pushed through the Legislature and is set to pass this Thursday, in order to limit fair process and debate. Anti-union governments aren’t just in Wisconsin anymore!
Here is a link to the bill itself.  Give it a read and make a decision for yourself, but I don’t recommend you drink anything hot while you do!
Personally, I think we should all be standing with the teachers on this one!  Anyone with kids, should be a afraid for the future of our education system if this bill is allowed to pass!  It’s not in our kids best interests and it treats them as if they’re products in a cooperate assembly line! Even if you don’t have kids, anyone belonging to a Union should be offended! Since this legislation treats the teachers and their union leaders as criminals for exercising their rights to fair bargaining and their union as organized crime, just look into the section on fines!
Below is a link to what the Teachers federation has to say about Bill 22, I recommend everyone read up on this and join in on the public outcry I think that this is much worse than anything Campbell did and if it doesn’t garner at least as much outrage as the HST then there is something really wrong with our priorities!

BC Teachers’ Federation

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Bill 22 hurts students and attacks teachers’ rights

Bill 22 makes working and learning conditions even worse

  • repeals and reintroduces parts of Bills 27/28 that stripped class-size and composition contract language and were ruled unconstitutional by the BC Supreme Court
  • wipes out virtually all current class-size and composition limits found in the School Act (Bill 33)
  • no limits on number of students with special needs in a class
  • no limit of numbers of students in Grades 4 to 12
  • no consultation with teachers about their classes
  • no public accountability for school boards

Bill 22 means no collective bargaining

  • legislates net zero, no salary or benefit improvement, or anything that has a cost
  • ends free collective bargaining by imposing a government-appointed “mediator” who must operate under a narrow government mandate focused on employer concessions
  • the mediator is bound by net zero
  • concessions regarding seniority, post and fill, layoff and recall, evaluation and dismissal, control of professional development must be part of the new contract
  • makes any strike action an offence subject to heavy fines for members, representatives, and the union
  • attacks fundamental Charter right of freedom of association

Bill 22 shows contempt for the Supreme Court

  • BC Supreme Court Justice Griffin found contract stripping legislation regarding class size and composition was unconstitutional
  • Bill 22 repeals Bills 27 and 28 and then legislates them back into effect
  • fails to restore minimum service level guarantees for special education, ESL, teacher-librarians, and other learning specialist teachers
  • fails to restore language supporting the integration of students with special needs.