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The Steelworkers’ NDP Membership Drive

Well before the federal election, Jack Layton asked the Steelworkers to engage in an NDP membership drive.

Jack reminded us that because of Stephen Harper’s proposed changes to the election expenses laws and the NDP’s one-member-one-vote rules, it is essential for union members as individuals to become NDP members.

Now with a federal NDP leadership race underway, it is time to honour Jack’s request.

Individual membership in the NDP is our link between labour and politics.

Our goal is to double our union’s NDP members and make Steelworkers the largest union within the NDP.

NDP Membership FormIt’s easy to join the NDP!

If you are not already an NDP member, here are a number of easy ways you can join the NDP.

Help Choose a New NDP Leader

Those who are NDP members will elect the next leader of Canada’s New Democrats in March, 2012. We want you to be part of that choice. Join now and have a say in that decision.

You must join the NDP by February 18, 2012, to be eligible to vote on the NDP leadership.

Win an iPad!

All USW members who join the NDP before February 18, 2012, will be entered in a draw to win an iPad from the USW.

Join the NDP today!

Steelworkers’ NDP Membership Drive – get involved!

Click to join the NDP and be entered in a draw to win an iPad from the USWWhether you are currently a member or just signing up for the first time, help us sign up your family members, your co-workers and your friends.

To help you sign up Steelworkers to the NDP, we’re offering membership kits to recruiters.

USW-NDP Membership Kits include

  • Introductory brochure
  • New, full-colour NDP membership form
  • Postage-paid envelopes
  • Jack Layton Love, Hope, Optimism poster

Order USW-NDP Membership Kits by email

Jack Layton and the Orange Wave elected 103 MPs in the federal election, becoming Canada’s Official Opposition. Since then, we have lost Jack, but we have not lost the momentum and excitement of the NDP’s breakthrough.

Help the Steelworkers, help working people, help change politics – join the NDP.