Teck Unit, Union Special Membership Meetings

Special Membership Meetings

Now that we have elected our Bargaining Committee, we have scheduled 3 special meetings to meet with you.  We look forward to having the opportunity to hear about your concerns before we get to work drafting our bargaining proposals.

We have lots of new people in our unit who haven’t been through the bargaining process before.  In order to make this more of a discussion rather than a meeting we are having 3 smaller meetings.  Pick the group that best represents the type of work you do, or best fits your schedule.  We are looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your comments.

Food and Beverage will be provided.

  • November 30, Casual and Clerical Meeting 3:45pm
    • Casual language is on our agenda for improvement this time around.  We have some ideas we’d like to discuss with this group, but are also looking for your input.
    • Some of our Clerical people are quite isolated, we would like to opportunity to hear from you and what types of issues you are struggling with
  • December 5, Information Technology, 3:45pm
    • If you work in IT, Control Systems, Help Desk, or any other positions that are IT oriented, we want to hear from you.  This is a smaller group that has many new people in it.  Your work place is changing and we are concerned with issues such as on-call, remote access work, contractors.  We don’t have a Union representative in this group, so your input will be very valuable to us.
  • Dec 7, Technical, Technicians/Technologist, 3:45pm
    • Our Technical members at ART have seen substantial change in their workplace over the past few years.  Their jobs have shifted from on-site to off-site.
    • We are suggesting that it is important to incorporate the unofficial technical progression into the collective agreement
    • We have a lot of new members in this group and we would really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.

    Meetings are Upstairs at the Union Hall, 910 Portland Street