USW/Teck Bargaining Committee Elections

2012 Bargaining Committee Candidates

The following persons have been nominated to represent you on our 2012 Bargaining Committee.  The Local 9705 Committee consists of 3 members, one of which is your president.  You will be selecting two persons from below.  Polling booths will be located in Warfield Operations, Trail Operations and the Union hall as follows.

November 7 & 8  Assay Office Lunch Room  10:00am to 10:30am

                            Warfield #1 Change room    11:00am to 1:00pm

                            ART Lunch Room                    10:00am to 10:20am

                            TAB 1st Floor                          11:00am to 1:00pm

November 7 – 10  Union Office                   7:00am to 4:00pm     


 Trevor Allegretto

I am Trevor Allegretto and I have been actively involved with our Union for several years.  Currently I am serving as your Safety Chairperson and Trustee.  As your Safety chairperson I meet with all levels of employees across our operations to assist them in finding solutions to their safety and environmental issues.

I am very active in our community volunteering countless hours with the Columbo Lodge and previously the Warfield fire department.  As we transition from the old guard to the new guard I look forward to having the opportunity to represent our membership at the bargaining table and expanding my involvement within the Union.

Vote Trevor Allegretto for Bargaining Committee.  I’ll do my best to ensure we bargain the best contract possible.

Thank you for your support


 Wendy Atherley

Hello, my name is Wendy Atherley.  After years of casual employment, I have recently transitioned to a permanent position as Roaster/Acid Technician.  I am currently the shop steward for casual employees.

I have put my name forward to serve on the 2012 bargaining committee.  I believe that the highest function of a union is performed at the bargaining table, and I feel that I can contribute positively to this process. If elected I will demonstrate:

  •  My commitment to bargain for a fair collective agreement that represents all 9705 members equitably.  Anything less diminishes each and every one of us.
  •  My commitment to bring forward outstanding legacy issues that continue to affect many of our members.
  •  Finally and most importantly, my commitment to bring forward the issues that are important to YOU!

I implore all of us to exercise our right to vote, the election outcome and subsequent bargaining affects us profoundly.

 Vote Wendy Atherley – Bargaining Committee


Jim Kilby

Hello, my name is Jim Kilby and I am running for a position on the Local 9705, 2012 Bargaining Committee.

The membership demographics are in a state of flux, many people are nearing the end of their careers here at Trail Operations including some on our executive.  I feel it is important that there is a proper transition of knowledge and experience between the end of the baby boomers and the groups that follow.  I would welcome this opportunity to work with Chuck, our president, and the rest of the bargaining committee in this round of negotiations so that I can take the experience forward into future negotiations.

Labour is under attack as never before.  You have to look no further than south of the border to see the effects of this onslaught.  As good union jobs continue to disappear so to do the good wages and benefits that go with them.  Fortunately for us, the Steelworkers we are one of the strongest Unions in North America. With support from our District and National offices we are well positioned to improve our Wages, Benefit and Pension compensation.

Please consider voting me, Jim Kilby, for Bargaining Committee.

  I’m prepared for the tough fight ahead


Roxanne Piette

I am Roxanne Piette, and I would love the opportunity to represent Local 9705 employees for the upcoming bargaining in 2012.

I work at Applied Research & Technology and have been with Teck for over five years and active with the union for most of that time. I have been a shop steward for nearly three years and for the past year have been the 9705 new start union orientation representative. Most recently, I have become a 9705 Employee and Family Assistance representative. I have also been a member of the After Ours Magazine team since it began in 2007.

In addition to my involvement with Teck and the union, I am also very active in our community. For five years I have volunteered for the Canadian Cancer Society helping to organize Relay for Life and I am the chair of the Rossland Mountain Film Festival Society and have been with the Society for three years.

I believe my training and experience with the union and my involvement in the community have given me great leadership and social skills which would be an asset to the coming bargaining committee.  Furthermore, as a young activist, I bring new and fresh ideas to a continuously aging workforce and union membership. As the older generation retires it is the newer employees who will carry the union. It is essential for younger members to receive opportunities to be further involved with the union and with that, I ask for your vote.

If elected, I am confident in representing Local 9705’s union membership and attaining the best collective agreement possible.

Thank you for your support


 Pat Zanier

I‘m Pat Zanier, your current Vice President and Grievance Chairperson. Bargaining is just around the corner, and I am, once again asking for the opportunity to represent you, my brothers and sisters in bargaining a new Contract for Our Future.

I work at Analytical Services, and have been a member of 9705 for 34 years.  I have been on the Bargaining Committee twice, in 2005 and 2008, and have served as the Treasurer, a Trustee, a Shop Steward, and on the Job Evaluation and Pension committees.  I believe my experience and knowledge will be an asset to the Bargaining Team.

I have also served on other executives and organizing committees for softball, hockey, curling and cultural organizations.

Please, think about what you would like to achieve this bargaining.

I will work hard on your bargaining priorities to achieve the best collective agreement possible!

Vote: PAT ZANIER for Bargaining Committee on Nov. 7th  –  Nov. 10th

Thank you for your support.




Teck Ltd

You must vote for two (2) delegates

Trevor Allegretto

Wendy Atherley

Jim Kilby

Roxy Piette

Pat Zanier