Occupy Nelson – Huge Success

Occupy Nelson – Huge Success

I attended Occupy Nelson on Oct 15th along with about 500 other concerned citizens.  It was heartwarming to see that people are starting to speak up against inequities within the Capitalist system.  The message was clear to me; it’s time for our governments to start governing for the benefit of the people rather than the sole benefit of Corporations.

On January 11, 1944, President Roosevelt suggested that the United States should implement a second ‘bill of rights’.  Roosevelt argued that the ‘political rights’ guaranteed by the constitution and the bill of rights had proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.  Roosevelt’s remedy was to declare an ‘economic bill of rights’ which would guarantee;

  • Employment with a living wage
  • Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies
  • Housing
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Social security


How times of have changed.  Corporations are so emboldened they shamelessly stand before us and state their responsibility is to their shareholders to ensure profits are maximized.  How quickly they have forgotten their responsibility to society and the environment.  How shameful that our governments have allowed them to shirk their responsibilities.

For me personally, I hope this is just the beginning of massive change for our society.  We have let governments and corporations operate with immunity relinquishing control of our future well-being to those who have lost track of their responsibility to us.

It takes more than profitable corporations to create prosperous societies.  We need leaders whose first concern is the well being of their citizens.  It’s time for an economic adjustment, this time in favour of the people. If you’ve never watch Michael Moore’s movie Capitalism, you should; it provides the basic information you need to understand our problem and how we can turn things around.

In Solidarity

Chuck Macklon

President USW 9705