Nominations for Bargaining Committee – Teck Unit

Nominations for the 2012 Bargaining Committee will be taken at the Membership Meeting on Oct 20th @ 7:00pm.

In order to be nominated, please contact Mike Jensen prior to the Oct 20th meeting.  If you are unable to attend the Oct 20th meeting, you must give Mike a letter stating that you accept the nomination.

If an election is required it will be held on November 3&4 to give the candidates 2 weeks to campaign.

There are 3 positions on our bargaining committee, two of which are elected positions, the President is automatically a member of the committee.  We encourage our younger workers who may have an interest in expanding their Union involvement to consider running for the Bargaining Committee.

After the Bargaining Committee has been elected we will be holding targeted meeting with individual groups to hear your concerns.  The groups will be; IT, Clerical, Technical, and Casual.  Some groups of people we don’t hear from very often, this will be your chance to have meaningful input into bargaining and I hope you all will make the effort to attend.

In Solidarity,

Chuck Macklon

President USW Local 9705